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Haro Bikes manufactures a full line of both BMX cyclocross models and multi terrain bikes, but it’s in BMX where the company made its name and earned its reputation. During the 1970s Bob Haro was a young rider making waves doing tricks on his BMX bike. He toured extensively, introducing eager audiences to a new style of bike riding that eventually became known as Freestyle. Bob Haro’s skill, showmanship, grit and hard work eventually paid off, and Freestyle biking had grown into a major pastime by the 1980s. By this time there was a huge demand for bikes that could withstand the tremendous abuse from being launched off ramps and being driven relentlessly through flatlands.

Up until this point, the Haro product line consisted of accessories and the customized number plate that was a huge hit with BMX riders. But Bob Haro spotted the opportunity and introduced the Haro Freestyler which he designed himself. The Freestyler was an instant hit, and it placed Haro Bikes at the forefront of BMX design and technology. More than thirty years later BMX is now a mainstream sport, and more riders have won the X Games on Haro bikes than on any other brand.

The Z series gets the little ones started with BMX riding. The Z10 is a balance bike (or run bike) without pedals aimed at teaching tots how to balance and steer before they can pedal. The kids can then progress through the Z12, Z16, Z18 and Z20. The ZX20 (with 20 inch tires) and the ZX24 (24-inchers) are the entry level freestyle models that are easy to learn and master.

The Racer series bikes are light and fast. The Micro Mini is the smallest model, made for kids 4 to 6 years old. The Race Lite is a rocket disguised as a bike; its ultra-light aluminum frame and efficient engineering make this model the fastest bike built by Haro. The Team Issue is another aluminum race bike with a single objective: win races. The Pro and Pro XL are designed for adolescent riders who want to succeed in BMX racing. The Pro 24 is identical to the Pro and Pro XL, but rides atop 24 inch tires. The Top AM is a versatile model equally at home on the race track and on the road between home and school.

The numbered series -- the 100, 200, 300, 350, 400 and 500 -- are capable Haro street bikes that have earned their share of street cred. The 500 is a virtual replica of the bikes used by the Haro racing team, providing excellent racing performance. However, this is a limited model that's available while supplies last. The 000 model is Haro's most controversial model -- it's brakeless! There are no brake mounts and no cable mounts, keeping the 000 sleek and streamlined, a bike stripped down to its essential function: to provide fun and excitement on two wheels. Replacement sneaker soles not included.

In addition, Haro manufactures and sells spare bike parts, including wheels, pegs, assemblies, handlebars, seats, forks and more. They also sell frames if you're the type who wants full control over your build. Haro bikes also include a full range of multi-terrain and road bikes.